Starting from the bottom (part 1)

02-11-20_2-49-04 PM

The bottom; This is Kallie, she has found herself on the streets after fleeing her controlling parents, anything is better than living with them.

02-11-20_8-26-40 AM

The only possession she owns is her trusted guitar. She has been busking at every opportunity to save her tips so that she can rent a room in a hostel near by.

02-11-20_4-11-28 PM

Along with busking she has been going around the neighbourhood, offering her services to tend gardens. Her price is a hot meal and spare produce to sell.

02-11-20_8-42-50 AM

from one job to another, she is back out earning her tips, lost in music she smiles with hope.. “Nearly enough to rent that room”

02-10-20_7-36-53 PM

She arrives at the hostel and introduces herself to her roommate, “hey Im Kallie, urm sorry I’m hungry, uh nice to meet you” she giggles as she stuffs her face with cereal. “hi Kallie, Jeff – nice to meet you..the bathroom is that way if you need to wash and stuff, spare clothes in the cupboard” He mumbles to her.

02-10-20_7-37-11 PM

She nods her head to him, her cheeks glowing red in embarrassment as she walks away she mumbles ” I get it I stink, try living on a park bench for days!”

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