Starting from the bottom (part3)

02-19-20_4-58-10 PM

Kallie gets home, she tells the dog to stay outside, while she goes in to ask if she can keep him in her room.. “Hey um..Jeff? Whats the policy on owning pets in this place?” she asks, he looks at her and scowls ” If you want a pet you pay for it an extra 50 on your rent,upfront, payed to me!”


02-19-20_4-58-16 PM

Kallie nods her head, and ruffles through her pockets counting up the tips she made from earlier. ” 10 20 40 45 46 48 50, 55…there you go your 50s upfront” she hands him the money and pockets the change of 5s what is left over. “Come boy” Kallie shouts for the dog, whilst rolling her eyes at Jeff.

02-19-20_5-16-58 PM

“There he is!” She smiles leaning down to give him a big hug and ruffle his little head. “Home for now boy, home for now”  she says to him between hugs.

02-19-20_5-18-22 PM

The dog nuzzles into Kallie, licking her cheek at every opportunity to thank her for saving him, but little does he realise its him that is saving her. Its the first time she’s felt loved and wanted,  she couldn’t be happier.

02-19-20_5-15-37 PM

She beams as she brushes him, “We need a name for you boy…hmm” she thinks for a few minutes while brushing him, then has a light bulb moment.. “Cooper! What about Cooper boy?” she giggles to him as if hes going to answer back, he just gives her a head tilt with a silly look.  “Cooper it is then hehe” kallie laughs…

02-20-20_8-42-24 AM

Kallie heads to her uncomfortable bed happy, after an eventful day with Cooper, he lays at her door, protecting his new companion as she sleeps.

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