Starting from the bottom (part4)

02-14-20_3-29-08 PM

Kallie wakes with a spring in her step, she heads straight out for a jog.

02-14-20_3-29-34 PM

with Cooper by her side of course. “What a day to be alive Cooper!” she beams as they slowly jog through the neighbourhood. Not only does she have Cooper by her side, she’s just been offered a gig at the Basement nightclub in town that should pay her enough to secure a few more weeks at the hostel.

02-14-20_3-29-28 PM

After a short jog they head back to the hostel, to fill their bellys and get her jobs done before tonight.

02-12-20_9-32-03 AM

Kallie heads straight to her gardening rounds, tending the gardens and collecting wild flowers, to make up a bouquet for her room to make it feel more homely for her and Cooper.

02-13-20_1-56-59 PM

She gets home to find a stranger on the doorstep, ” Hello… can I hep you?” she asks as he stands looking quite smug. “I’m a friend of Jeffs is he home?” he replies to her.

02-13-20_1-57-06 PM

Kallie rubs her chin wondering why he’s staring at her weirdly smiling at her. “He should be, come in..I guess, ill give him a shout, hes probably sleeping” she mutters to him as she leads him inside. He smirks to her “Nice to meet you by the way, I’m Jonathan”

02-12-20_7-42-16 PM

Kallie smiles nervously “Let me just clean this mess, before i shout for him, and I’m Kallie, new here, just renting a room till I save enough for my own place.” Jonathan nods to her and pulls out the seat next to him, “come chat, I don’t bite, I like meeting new people and you are sweeet.” he says smoothly. “I..I’ll be on second” Kallie stutters, not knowing how to react to his compliments..It’s something she isn’t used to.

02-12-20_7-42-06 PM

Kallie shouts for Jeff who is asleep as she guessed he would be, before sitting down to chat to Jonathan. “So how long you knew Jeff? has he always been so lazy?” she giggles rolling her eyes. “Ahh too long! I’ve grew up with the bone idol good for nothing, to answer your question, yes he has” They both laugh together, locking eyes as they do. Kallie checks her watch and quickly aborts any awkwardness. “I’ve got to go, I have a gig tonight at the Basement, see you around” She smiles to him before heading out. “byeee”

02-11-20_7-32-20 PM

Kallie arrives at the Basement nightclub, she sets up and starts to play, looking very nervious with it being her first club gig, she shuts her eyes and gets lost in the music… forgetting about every eye in the club on her as she belts out her songs…

02-11-20_7-30-36 PM

The clubbers seem mesmerised by her music, the tips start rolling in they cheer and clap after every song, she cant believe the reactions, its one thing she finds hard..believing in herself, always full of doubt..but the crowd is loving it. She opens her eyes and smiles as she winds down to her last song… she thanks them and wishes the crowd goodnight… “One more song, one more song” They chant to her..

02-11-20_7-33-04 PM

Kallie gives the crowd what they want, and plays them one last song, the full club is on their feet jiving with her, once again she is lost with the music and belts out her last song with pride, standing tall and confident for the first time in her life. “Thank you again, goodnight” She says sweetly to the crowd, before packing up her guitar and pocketing her tips and her wages from the owner, she skips home.

02-12-20_7-42-26 PM

Arriving home, Jeff is sitting with his friends, Jonathan is still there along with one of Jeff’s many girlfriend.

02-11-20_7-20-55 PM

“Ahh food, Im starving” Kallie says grabing a plate, she catches Jonathan’s eye again. He smiles at her and asks how the show went. Jeff laughs before she gets the chance to speak “Show? haha have you looked in the mirror lately Kallie? if people are paying money to see you they need there head seeing too!” Kallie’s face goes red embarrassed as him and his girlfriend laugh at her. She leaves her food and storms out. Jonathan scowls at the Jeff “have you looked in the mirror lately asshole?”

02-20-20_8-52-43 AM

Jonathan follows her, “Listen don’t take any notice of him hes an ass! Have you seen him?! You are 10 times the person he is, you are talented, funny and..beautiful, hes nothing but a bully, I wont let him bully you Kallie and you shouldn’t either” Kallie holds her hands out “I.. I dont know what I’ve done wrong? try and be his friend? try and be a good housemate? ugh I guess its not forever, I cant wait to be out of here, sometimes I feel I’m better off going back to the park bench, at least i would get no trouble then, thanks for your concern but I’m fine, see ya.” Kallie sighs to him and goes to her room.

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