Starting from the bottom (part5)

02-21-20_8-36-40 PMKallie goes to her room, not sure what to do with this attention from Jonathan, she finds it hard to trust people, because every body she has trusted in her life, has let her down or abused her trust in some way. Everyone but Cooper that is.

02-21-20_8-37-33 PMShe instantly feels better after snuggles with her pooch, she feeds him and grabs her guitar, to do what she always does when she is feeling deflated and down…Escape with the music.

02-21-20_8-38-30 PM

As Cooper tucks into his food, Kallie sways humming with her guitar, thinking back to earlier when she had the crowd at the basement in her hands, how surprised she was  with the reaction.. and how she let Jeff of all people knock her down when she was finally feeling on the up. There is a knock on the door she rolls her eyes, putting her guitar down “Can people not leave you alone in this house!, Who is it?!” She shouts.

02-21-20_8-37-44 PM

“It’s Jonathan, can I come in? a familiar voice says from behind the door. Kallie, huffs “No I..I’m busy, just go!” Jonathan sighs.. “I just want to make sure your ok hunny, thats all?” Kallie starts to get all flustered at the thought of him coming in, realising hes not going to give up she has a quick look in the mirror to compose herself and have a freshen up, she sits on her bed and shouts him in. ” Yeah, I’m fine, come in”

02-21-20_8-32-03 PM

Jonathan comes in and joins her on her bed, looking into her teary eyes he says”I just wanted to make sure you were ok, you left upset, and you should never go to sleep upset Kallie, not on my watch anyway” Kallie looks up from the floor and smiles to him.. “Thank you Jonathan, I’ll be ok, he’s not worth the upset, I mean I should be happy I was on a high after the gig, but he knocked me down and I’m mad at myself for taking it and not being able to stand up for myself you know?”

02-21-20_8-32-21 PM

“You shouldn’t let anybody knock you down Kallie, I think you are amazing I know we have just met but I just feel a connection with you, you make me feel… very intrigued not to forget the fact you are soo talented, I was listening outside and the sound..its mesmerising. It literally give me goosebumbs, so dust yourself off and get that smile back on your dile” Jonathan laughs. Kallie squirms uneasy at his compliments, but she feels what he is saying the connection…the butterfly’s when he is near, she cant deny it, but cant understand it.02-21-20_8-32-12 PM

“I..I guess I’m just used to being walked all over, I’m sorry I’m cold Jonathan, but its all I know…I want to change and trust but I cant right now” she says to him with a sad sigh… Jonathan nods and gently strokes her arm “I understand Kallie, it may take time but, I wont give up, I want to know more about you, I want to be there for you and I want to make you smile.” She cant help but smile at his words, but is still quite defensive.. “hmm we’ll see what happens, I..we’ve only just met, but we will see” she giggles “It’s getting late, I’m going to have to get some sleep, but thank you for chatting Jonathan, speak to you soon.” 02-21-20_8-33-44 PM

“You certainly will Kallie, looking forward to it.” Jonathan smiles as he gets up to go, Kallie joins him and walks him out trying to hide the grin she has on her face, he turns to her and wishes her goodnight before leaving.. “G’night hun, see you in my dreams” heh he smirks. Kallie laughs “lets hope its not a nightmare then huh?” she shuts the door behind him, and squeels under her breath”aaahhh man….”

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