Escape to Sulani

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Meet Shari Forrester, she has moved to the Island of Sulani to peruse a career in conservation and to find out more about her ancestors who originated from the Island. Shari has a deep connection with the environment around her and wants to make a difference in the world by doing what she can to protect it, to protect the very roots that she stems from.


After arriving in her little shack on a beautiful beach on the island , she feels she warm air against her face, with the sea breeze brushing through her hair, she waste no time in going out to meet the locals….

They dont seem very friendly towards her, little bit of stranger danger going on, you can tell by looking at Shari she’s a decedent of the island, but she’s still a stranger to the locals and they are wondering what she wants. She explains that she is here to help save the island and to find out more about the culture in Sulani as its where her ancestors are from. They still act suspicious around her.. It looks like its not going to be as easy as she thought…

Even in the bar, they are whispering about her.. She’s tried to explain herself but it seems to be falling on deaf ears. An older native sat with her and told her not to take it to heart. “They will warm to you dear, actions speak louder than words, remember that” Shari feels deflated from the cold welcome, she leaves the bar and walks home clearing rubbish from the beach along the way.

Back to the shack, and back to the drawing board for Shari.

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