Starting from the bottom (part 6)

02-21-20_8-54-19 PM

The next morning Kallie is greeted by Jeff as she grabs her morning coffee, whos acting out of character being nice for a change. Its not until she looks by him, she notices a new face standing there. “Kallie this Ara our new housemate, I’ve just been telling her about the ongoing renovation at the hostel and how we have a spare room up for rent.. And how nice it is to live here..dont you agree?” He says through gritted teeth faking a smile to Kallie. She rolled her eyes, It was the first she had heard about any renovations going on she had only been there a few days herself and spends most of her time in her room avoiding Jeff at all costs, something about him creeped her out.

02-21-20_8-50-12 PM

The girl walks over to meet Kallie, “Its actually Aurora not Ara, nice to meet you hun” Kallie smiles and mumbles “Heh it’s not the best place to live, but its cheap and all I can afford until I find somewhere else, then I’m out of here, just being honest, I’m Kallie by the way, err good luck” she chuckles.

02-21-20_8-50-28 PM

“Oh uhm ok, well I’m kinda in the same boat, need some place cheap even if it is cheap and nasty” Aurora giggles with Kallie, while Jeff is standing at the door watching them both in cahoots. “Whats the deal with the big guy? he seems..very..err weird?”

02-21-20_8-52-36 PM

Kallie looks over to Jeff and whispers in Aurora’s ear ” If I was you, I would just pay him his rent and stay out his way, hes not a nice guy to live with. You’ll soon see his true colours”

02-21-20_8-53-03 PM

Jeff walks over and makes a coffee trying to listen in on the girls conversation he snarls “it’s rude to whisper Kallie, manners infront of our new housemate huh”

02-21-20_8-53-16 PM

Kallie rages, going at him Aurora moves out her way as Kallie finds the courage to stand up to him,”Manners? Huh you are joking Jeff..Maybe you should of had manners last night when you thought you were clever belittling me!” Jeff  looked fuming shaking his fist in her face before storming out before he does something he might regret as he tries to impress Aurora in his strange ways.

02-21-20_8-51-25 PM

Kallie sat down to finish her coffee giving him the finger as he stormed out. “he’s an ass, sorry he embarrassed me last night and I’ve had a sleepless night, anxious about facing him today, sorry Aurora and errr welcome” she says feeling rather smug about herself for standing up to him, she doesn’t know where the confidence has come from but she likes it. “heh thanks, I dont think you need to worry about him hun, the way he ran off when you confronted him screams coward to me” Aurora smiles sitting down next to her, they sat for an hour chatting and laughing until Kallie had to go out to earn her keep.

02-15-20_1-12-52 PMShe gets wrapped up as the winter air comes in, and makes her way to the park with Cooper and her guitar.02-15-20_1-14-10 PM

It’s busy today, everyone making the most of the last day of fall. The air is fresh although a bit chilly, the sound of children laughing and playing along with the sweet sounds of Kallie’s voice and the strings playing so delicately to go with it.

02-15-20_1-14-24 PM

A good day for tips for Kallie and Cooper, who seems to get her more attention as he sings along with her, the tips and pats come flooding in.

After a few hours busking she gets to her gardening job, tending the plants and raking the leaves that have gathered around the neighbourhood earning herself a little bit extra to go towards her moving out funds wich is still way off…She’s just making enough to keep the room at the hostel as it stands never mind anything else.

02-12-20_8-44-28 PM

Needs must..she cracks on with her jobs, she loves the outdoors so the cold doesn’t bother her, she feels at peace when she is among nature and is able to do her job and forgets her worries.

02-12-20_8-46-47 PM

Proud of the stack of leaves shes gathered up she does a little dance by the pile laughing to herself, she looks up and see’s a familiar face walking towards her, It’s Jonathan, if she could hide in the pile of leaves she could, her hair is all over and shes probably a bit stinky from working hard. She tries to compose herself as he walks up to her…

02-12-20_8-49-19 PM

“Hi sweety, nice err pile of leaves you got there” Jonathan giggles looking her up and down and then pointing to the leaves with a grin. “Oh hey Jonathan, you ok? nice to see you man, I’m just err doing jobs and stuff..” Kallie stutters with her reply, she cant believe she has bumped into him in the middle of a sweaty job.

02-12-20_8-48-28 PM

Jonathan laughs at her nervousness and goes to strokes her rosey cheek “I don’t want to disturb you Kallie, I just wanted to say  hello, I thought it was you from over the street, I was heading over to the hostel anyway to see you..I’ve not been able to get you out of my mind and I’ve been kicking myself for not getting your number last night..”

02-12-20_8-49-24 PM

Kallie brushes his hand away and gets all defensive again..even though her heart is melting inside at his soft touch “And why would you want my number, you only live up the street, you can see me any time just preferably when I’m not in a sweaty mess and working!” He gently takes her arm and turns her towards him, looking into her eyes he says…

02-12-20_8-48-23 PM

“Look at me, I want your number, because I wanted to ask you if I could take you on a date..I think you are amazing, there is something about you..I want to learn more..I’m a strong believer in fate Kallie..Can you not feel it too?” Kallie is taking back by his words, and doesn’t know how to respond. She looks away blushing and mutters “Yes..I..err..ok heh”  Jonathan lifts her chin so she has to look him in the eyes and leans in giving her a soft peck on the lips.

02-12-20_8-48-15 PM

Kallie feels her red cheeks burning against his face as they kiss, she giggles nervously after it, not able to escape his loving gaze she leans back in to kiss him again.

A feeling of love and contentment comes over her as the two souls connect.

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