Starting from the bottom (part 7)

02-22-20_9-48-20 PMA few days had gone by, Kallie got up to her usual routine of Jeff stuffing his face watching telly he had gotten worse as the days went on, but only when he was alone with her which was making things worse, because no one else could see it and just thought she was over reacting. He had a hold over her while she was living there, as he knew she would not survive on the streets in winter.

He watched her every step down the stairs with his piercing eyes. “This place is a mess Kallie, you ought to pull your weight around here or you’ll be out on the streets in the snow quicker than you can say boo if you dont” he snarls to her before she even gets into the living room. 02-22-20_9-48-44 PMKallie ignores him and goes to Cooper for comfort “Did you not hear me?!” he raises his voice and puffs out his chest gazing at her angrily. Kallie backs down as she realises she cant risk putting her and Cooper on the streets. “Yeah, yeah I heard you let me wake up first!” she groans.02-22-20_9-49-18 PMShe goes to sit down and Jeff shouts her back to her feet, “No time to sit, work to be done in here, I need a coffee and” Kallie jumps to her feet and brews some coffee, pondering throwing some poison in there while she’s at it…

02-22-20_9-54-10 PMShe thinks of Jonathan as she stands watching the coffee treacle into the pot, day dreaming about the kiss she shared last time she seen him, a little smile crosses her lips. They have been texting and have arranged to go for drinks tonight, nothing serious just casual drinks, still shes looking forward to it.

02-22-20_9-59-39 PMJeff comes in and see’s her day dreaming with a smile on her face “What you looking so smug about?! Glad you are enjoying your chores hah!” Kallie rages inside but tries to keep her cool, taking deep breaths as he stands and judges her she wimpers “Why why do you hate me Jeff? I want to be your friend while I’m living here..I’m doing everything I can to earn my stay here… I pay rent I shouldn’t have to put up with this..”

02-22-20_9-59-55 PMHe grabs her arm and pulls her in close to him whispering in her ear through his gritted teeth incase he was to wake Aurora up. “You do have to put up with this! until you save up enough poxy tips to get out of here, if you dont start doing as I say, the dog will be out and you will follow it, on the streets in the you want that?!” he growls in her ear. Kallie shakes her head submissively, she is scared by his cruel words and demeanour towards her. “No, I dont want that Jeff, I..I just want to get along but ok..” 02-22-20_9-57-42 PM

“We’ll get along just fine Kallie if you just do as your told hmm so shut it and get this place cleaned up…!”Kallie gets to it and starts to clean up around Jeff, after giving him food from the fridge, he complains about the food, saying its out of date, but still stuffs it in his greedy face. 02-22-20_9-57-48 PM

“Dont forget to take the rubbish not you, the bins” he laughs as he watches her clean. Kallie holds her tongue even though she wants to smash the pile of plates over his head right now, she cant risk being on the streets so keeps her mouth shut and gets on with it.

02-22-20_9-58-07 PMshe loads the dish washer slamming it shut, “Ahhh I hate him” she grunts under her breath.

02-22-20_10-03-08 PMHer phone rings as she grabs some food, Jeff must of heard it so he is in, washing his hands so that he can listen. She was hoping it was Jonathan so she could ask him to come round but it wasn’t.

02-22-20_10-03-26 PM

“Hello, yeah speaking, ahh that is fantastic, thank you, see you on Monday.” she said with joy in her voice.

She had been offered a part time job as a waitress in a burger bar in town, she was ecstatic as she put the phone down. She had been busy the past few days, taking her CV to different places in hopes of a job to help towards rent and savings. Jeff overheard the conversation and smirked to her “Well done on the job”


After doing her chores and bits of gardening, she headed to the pub to meet Jonathan for drinks.02-21-20_9-08-46 PM

“Hey beautiful, are you ok?” Jonathan ask as he strokes her hand, he can see her looking flustered and stressed.

Kallie looks at him and sighs”Meeh just sick of Jeff breathing down my neck every day, hes getting worse! But on the plus I’ve just been offered a part time job, I’ll soon be out of there”

02-21-20_9-08-25 PM

Jonathan holds her hand giving it a little squeeze. “Jeff’s Jeff I would hate to live with him but hes harmless, I’ve known him all my life he wouldn’t hurt a fly, he just has a wicked tongue, I’ll have words..Congrats on the new job though sweety!” Jonathan says leaning in for a kiss.

02-21-20_9-07-33 PM

Kallie pulls away from him and rolls her eyes “No, dont have words on my behalf, its totally fine, Oh speak of the devil..your friend is already here” She spats.. as Jeff walks past, giving Jonathan a fist bump. “Dont be like that sweety, anyway I dunno if you noticed its open mic night tonight in here…There’s a guitar… go do what you do girl” Jonathan nudges her with a smile changing the subject quickly.

02-21-20_9-06-10 PMKallie cant resist to pick up a guitar when she see’s one so that’s what she does, she walks up to it confidently and starts to play… Jonathan stands at the front watching her proudly, she looks into his eyes for a few seconds before closing them as she starts to sing…

02-21-20_9-12-23 PMEven Jeff cant resist to stand and watch her, mesmerised as she sings and sways with the music, as she goes on more and more people stop to watch her, giving her tips and cheering her on.

02-21-20_9-06-48 PM

She caught Jeff’s gaze and turned away to find Aurora stood there going crazy for her, dancing away and cheering her, but she couldn’t see Jonathan, she wondered where he had gone. “Woohoo go Kallie, go gurrrl” Aurora squeeled excited for her friend and quite surprised at how good she actually was.

02-21-20_9-14-14 PMAfter her performance Aurora hugged her ” Wow I’m so proud of you, you were amazing maan!” Kallie hugged her back, whilst looking around the room for Jonathan, she couldn’t see him, maybe hes gone to the toilet or something she thought..bit rude in the middle of my performance, considering he told me to go up and do it…Oh well.02-21-20_9-13-49 PM

“Aww thank you hun, your support means the world to me..” Kallie said to Aurora as she sits down with her, a little embarrassed that all eyes seem to be on her right now, including Jeff’s beady eyes. She cant handle it, she gets up and rushes off to the bathroom so she can splash her face with water and compose herself, and of course to see if there is any sight of Jonathan.

02-21-20_9-13-18 PMOn her way to the bathroom she is stopped by the manager of the pub. “Hey, can I just say how great your sound is, I really enjoyed it and so did the crowd..” he smiles “How would you like a weekly slot at open mic night to get the crowd going for me? I’ll pay you?” Kallie stuttered in shock..02-21-20_9-13-26 PM

“Really, you want me? every week..paid?” she asks not sure whether to believe him. “Yes really, I would love to have you perform here, you really don’t realise how talented you are do you? so is that a yes?” he smiles waiting for her reply. “Yes its a big fat yes” Kallie grins from ear to ear he shakes her hand, “Welcome to the team…?” “It’s Kallie” she quickly gets in not to leave him hanging. “Well, welcome to the team Kallie, I’m Micheal..see you next Friday, same time, here is your wages in advance” He passed Kallie a wad of cash and they started chatting…02-21-20_9-14-55 PMAurora come over to their table quite curious as to who he was “You walking home Kallie?” she asks as she stands at the table wondering who this guy is and why hes making her friend smile, she cant wait to find out the gossip. “Yeah lets go hun, see you next week Micheal” Kallie says before heading home with Aurora.02-21-20_9-00-38 PMThey get back after plenty of giggles along the way, to Jeff making dinner. “Here girls, I’ve made dinner tonight, to celebrate Kallie getting a new job” he says sweetly. “and if I could say.. you are both looking lovely tonight, shame Jonathan didn’t stick around for your performance Kallie.. a true shame, he missed something real special” Aurora thanks him with a smile, and Kallie just looks through him, wondering what he is up to..when the door knocks.

02-21-20_2-21-28 PMKallie opens the door and Jonathan is stood there…

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