Escape to Sulani – (part 2)

In the days that followed Shari got straight to work, taking samples from the algae that was floating in parts of the sea, cleaning rubbish and plastics from the beaches and waters as well as spreading conservation awareness to anyone who would listen.

The locals where always watching, and seemingly starting to warm to her, with the odd smile or simple nod to tell her she was doing a good job.

The word was getting around the small Island, that this new arrival was here to help, and by the looks of her work so far she was doing a good job. It was time to welcome her to the neighbourhood and Island properly.. The locals arrived at her door with the Kava in hand and welcomed her.. Sulani style.

Shari was happy to welcome them inside her shack, even though her initial welcome from them wasn’t a friendly one..She was determined to have them on side, it would help her with her conservation research and help her settle in, she wants to learn and practice their ways. The only way to do that was to learn from them, the people of Sulani.

The Kealoha’s were prime examples of true Island people she could learn from, they were the first family of the island to welcome Shari, as unbeknown to her they work for the same company, Makoa and his wife Lilliana have been observing her at work and feeding back to the manager as well as the other islanders it seemed. Shari would try and hang out with them as much as she could to learn the ways.

Makoa invited her to try the local street food, its one thing she had to try, if she was to try anything on the Island the true Sulani food was a must.. Lilliana couldn’t make it, she had a toddler at home to look after and no babysitter, but she didn’t mind her husband showing Shari around it saved her doing it.

They started with fried syrupy plantains, Makoa watched for her reaction to the food and laughed as she shut her eyes and moaned with delight ” Oh my lord, what is this!” she says her eyes wide inspecting it with every mouth full.

“You’ll not get that anywhere else like they do it here in Sulani dear, we have a special technique when it comes to growing dem..along with blessings you gots to treat every living ting with love and true care, like it’s yah own babeh, dat be the Sulani way” Makoa tells her in his broad Sulani accent.

Shari nods in acceptance as she smacks her lips together, savouring her last bite of the juicy plantain.




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