Starting from the bottom (part 9)

02-22-20_10-40-09 AM

Jonathan arrived and shouted for Kallie, she entered full of sass and ready to be swooned. “Wow don’t you scrub up well Jonathan” she laughs heading for the door..

02-22-20_10-40-21 AM

Jonathan looks her up and down once again with a big smile on his face, “Lets go beautiful”

02-22-20_10-43-31 AM

They arrive at the restaurant and get seated…kallie is looking around feeling a bit out of place here, its a bit up market for her. None the less she brushes herself off and sits down with Jonathan.

02-22-20_10-45-25 AM

They sit and chat for a few minutes before the waitress comes over to take their order, Kallie has no idea what to order, especially after looking at the prices..The waitress is standing looking impatient.. Kallie already under pressure orders the steak the same as Jonathan.

While they wait for their order Jonathan waste no time in trying to swoon her. “I finally have you all to myself, thank you for giving me a second chance..I am truly sorry about earlier..My mom is getting old so I panicked when i got the phone call, and didn’t want to interrupt you playing..Would you of not done the same if it was your mom? he asks.

02-22-20_10-45-04 AM

Kallie shrugs her shoulders not able to relate, her mom was far from the doting mother she was a huge part of the reason Kallie left home and ended up on the streets. “Err I personally wouldn’t no but I wouldn’t call mine a mother..anyway its over with..Who cares” She says waving her hand making it clear she doesn’t.

02-22-20_10-47-59 AM

Jonathan looks sheepish like he has put his foot into something he wasn’t prepared to get into. Luckily the food arrived right on time “Ohh now this looks good, almost as good as you look” he laughs changing the subject he picks up his glass to raise a toast to their first date.

02-22-20_10-48-33 AM

“To us and our first of hopefully many dates, I am one lucky guy right now.. Thank you again beautiful Kallie for joining me” he smiles before downing his drink in one. Kallie laughs at him “are you thirsty Jonathan?! crikey take your time haha” they both laugh and he orders another giving the waiter a shout from over the table obviously a little tipsy from downing the strong wine.

02-22-20_10-49-42 AM

Kallie picks up her glass and chugs it down giggling “Oh get me another aswell, if you can’t beat em join em.” They finish their food and down a few more drinks laughing and flirting as they wait for the bill. “Did..I tell you how stunning..hic.. you looked in that dress Kallie..hic…would look better out of it..hic.” he splutters to her, almost undressing her right there with his drunk glazy eyes.

02-22-20_10-59-53 AM

“haaahaa you are such the charmer..but my charmer..heh what..hic” Kallie chuckles and takes his hands not caring that they are stood in the middle of a restaurant, she was drunk and didn’t care.

02-22-20_10-51-04 AM

Jonathan pulled her in closer to him looking into her eyes his hands wondering over her body he whispers in her ear “I want you Kallie” before kissing her passionately in the middle of the restaurant.

02-22-20_10-59-41 AM

She holds onto him swaying as they kiss and swoon each other, people are whispering and looking at them as they are both quite drunk, slurring their words and not able to keep their hands off each other at this point…Things are getting steamy in the lust of the moment, too steamy for the middle of a posh restaurant.

The host shoos them out after a few complaints from the other people dining.

02-22-20_11-01-12 AM

They giddily leave the restaurant holding onto each other, Kallie strokes his face “Come on you can walk me home I suppose” she smiles planting a soft kiss on his lips before walking off laughing.

02-22-20_11-01-28 AM

Jonathan runs after her, to grab her hand, he leans in and kisses her neck and whispers “Ooh you’ll let me will you? Heh in that case let’s have a very slow walk back, so I have more time with you, and maybe I could come in for coffee before I go home?” He says to her between kisses.

02-22-20_11-00-55 AM

Kallie shivers from his sweet kisses, but pulls away from him.. She feels all flustered and excited but the alcohol is making her twisted with her emotions, she’s never felt like this before.. she wants to feel more.. but she’s scared at the same time, scared to let go in case she gets hurt. “Nerr not tonight Mr smooth, I need to be up early in the morning, no time for coffee…Maybe another time heh” Kallie smirks taking his hand and giving it a gently squeeze. “Lets go”


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