Starting from the bottom (part 10)

02-22-20_11-15-39 AM

The next day Kallie got up feeling hungover from the night before with Jonathan, luckily she didn’t invite him in for coffee or she might not of made it to work and she needs this job. She smirked to herself as she thought of her antics last night…”Ugh hope I didn’t embarrass myself”

02-26-20_11-40-27 AM

Sure as hell Jeff was up waiting to burst her happy bubble. “Kallie rent is going up, good job you taking on extra work to help pay for it” He snarled to her wanting a reaction, she didn’t give him one just nodded at him with a quiet “ok, whatever”

02-26-20_11-40-32 AM

“And don’t forget to tidy when you are back or you know what will happen if you start slacking round here” She rolled her eyes with no energy to fight him her head was pounding from the drink, she couldn’t be bothered going to work never mind come home to tidy when she was back, but needs must and off she went.

02-22-20_11-17-01 AMKallie was greeted by Cooper upon her return, full of kisses and excitement to see her. She skips to her room with him in toe to find Jeff stood waiting for her in her looking cross as always.


02-22-20_10-15-26 AM

“Wages?!” he asks with his hand out. Kallie bites her finger to hold in her rage, this is her first proper wage and hes trying to take it from her. “Look I get paid weekly you’ll have to wait until the end of the week Jeff, sorry”

02-22-20_10-15-05 AM

He stamps his feet and raises his fist with rage shouting at her “That’s not good enough, we need to pay the rent soon before the electrics go off! You can swan off out with Jonathan OK, but can’t pay the rent” She stops him there… “Hold on! He payed for me and I payed my rent upfront last week, not my fault if you have spent it without paying the bills…You come demanding more money just this morning you cant do that Jeff” She shouts back at him.

02-22-20_10-15-02 AM

“Who can’t?!  You want to live here you pay what I demand bitch! Or get out with your stupid dog and go back to the park bench that you come from” He growls at her shutting her down. Kallie lets out a sigh glaring at him in anger wanting to tell him to stuff his shitty room and his shitty face where the sun don’t shine but she doesn’t she pulls out her days earnings and gives it to him. “here that’s all I have, pay the bill and leave me be” she says through gritted teeth.

02-22-20_10-14-32 AM

“So you did have money, why lie to me Kallie, don’t dare think about lying to me again” He shouts as her phone rings.

02-22-20_10-14-49 AM

It’s Jonathan he’s at the door but nobody answered she told him to come straight up to her room in hopes he would save her from Jeff giving her aggro. Jeff leans in snatching the money from her hand and grunts “That will do, for now”

02-22-20_10-19-05 AM

Jonathan comes in as Kallie is standing waiting to greet him at the door looking worried after her argument with Jeff, Jonathan comes in and strokes her face..”What’s up beautiful, I missed you..” She smiles and eyes towards Jeff and whispers “Just the usual..I need out of here asap”

02-22-20_10-19-36 AM

He pulls her in and kisses her “Don’t worry I’m here now” he says while putting on a display in front of Jeff, making him feel uncomfortable he leaves slamming the door behind him snarling “Pass me a bucket” .

02-22-20_10-19-42 AM

Kallie pulls away from him as Jeff slams the door, “Oh your here now, what you going to do save me from this hell hole? I’ve been to work earned my first honest wage and he’s took it from me, demanding more rent from me because he’s spent the last lot, I’m sick! Are you going to put me up at yours? No I thought not” She rants to him angrily.

02-22-20_10-20-06 AM

Jonathan is taking back by her ranting and steps back, “I..I can’t right now, I will help you though Kallie, I’ll speak to Jeff and get the money together to help stop stressing..especially over him…I’m here for you always” he says leaning in to try and kiss her. Kallie stops him “Just go Jonathan, I really can’t be bothered with silly boys right now, I’ve had enough with Jeff today..Just go”

02-22-20_10-20-55 AM

Jonathan leaves knowing she was pissed off as she slammed the door behind him, pissed off at herself for letting Jeff get between them but annoyed that Jonathan just didn’t get what she was going through, or didn’t want to understand, as he brushed it off like nothing, but the reality is she’s being emotionally abused and bullied by one of his best friends and he’s doing nothing after he supposedly cares for her.. She is deflated once again through no fault of her own or is it her fault she thinks to herself full of doubts and questions.

One thought on “Starting from the bottom (part 10)

  1. If I were Kallie, I’d find out my rights. What her landlord did doesn’t sound legal. I’m sure there are laws against that sort of thing.


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