Escape to Sulani (part 3)

Life was good on the island, Shari would start her day with the finest Sulani produce and maybe the odd Kava if there was some freshly made, she was getting a liking to the local delicacy and would often fill the Kava bowl for herself and others who would stop by.

She was doing well with her conservation career and was moving up the ranks quickly, she had a passion for caring for the Island and it showed in her work.

After work Shari liked to sunbathe and get the last of the rays relaxing before heading home to prepare for any island activities on the evening, there was always something going on in Sulani and she always wanted to be a part of it and sure enough she was.

There was a fire pit celebration at the monument that evening, she was invited along with her friends the Kealoha’s. Shari spent the night chatting and dancing with everybody as well as drinking buckets of Kava, she even tried her hand at fire-dancing and failed miserably as everybody laughed at her.. encouraged by Makoa.. He was always making jokes and fun of people, it was his way..She knew not to take offence to it, and Lilliana his wife would just laugh with him and encourage him most of the time.

The fun didn’t stop there with Makoa, even at work they would wind up messing about.. Playing in waterfalls in the middle of taking samples or taking selfies of their ‘work’ and adventures always laughing. They clearly got on very well, she felt like part of their family at times… If it wasn’t Makoa taking her under his wing, it was Lilliana, she had learned a lot from them and was thankful for their guidance with her adventures.

Thats what life on Sulani now felt like for Shari, one big lesson full of laughs and adventures..

One of the very important lesson she did learn – Love thy neighbour.

Shari was slowly becoming a loved member of the community, the neighbourhood were raving about her work on the island and her loving nature towards it and them.

They would often stop by with food to feed her, as well as genuine love and kindness from their hearts to bless her with and that she did, feel very blessed and loved.


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