Starting from the bottom (part 11)

The next few days were hard for Kallie, Jonathan hadn’t spoke to her since she chased him the other day, she was full of doubts about the way she reacted. Jeff had been putting on a nice guy act the past few days as well, maybe Jonathan had words or payed him off or something…But whatever it was, it give her to breath and gather her thoughts without him breathing down her neck.

02-22-20_10-30-03 AM

Kallie went moping into Auroras room “Ahh Aurora am I in the wrong? I think I’ve screwed things up with Jonathan and I really liked him..I cant stop thinking about him which is making things worse!” she cried to her looking for reassurance.

02-22-20_10-30-26 AMAurora sits her down “Have you spoken to him and told him how your feeling hun?” Kallie frowns and shakes her head “Err no, I haven’t..I’m embarrassed and he clearly doesn’t care because he would of been in touch by now..don’t you think?”

02-22-20_10-30-37 AM

“Not really.. You wouldn’t know unless you have spoken to him, which you haven’t…Unless your going to do something about it stop moaning! You need to sort your head out you have a gig tonight, your first ever payed one!” Aurora says firmly in order to give her a reality check.

02-22-20_10-29-49 AMKallie agrees with her and gives her a hug, “Thank you for being there for me Aurora, you are right though chick, I need to refocus on my jobs and getting enough saved to leave Jeff’s hell hole.” Aurora laughs.. “It’s not that bad hah”

That night Kallie goes off to her gig, the manager and guests arrive as she starts to play her sweet sound for them…and then she starts to sing…

02-22-20_10-15-40 PMThe crowd stop and stare..They are enjoying it as much as she is. Taking videos and photos throughout her performance, and cheering her on. Kallie is overwhelmed by their reaction, she can’t get the grin from her face as she winds down her set, and joins the audience for chats and drinks. They love her.

02-22-20_10-20-34 PM

Even though she’s happy with the reaction, she hates the attention being on her, so she waits for the bar to quieten down and orders a stiff drink. Sitting down she hears behind her ear “Boo! I’ve been looking for you”

02-22-20_10-13-17 PM

She turns around and its Jonathan stood smiling at her, “Can I join you sweety?” he asks pulling out a stool beside her, she nods.. “Please do, I..I’ve been meaning to speak to you”

02-22-20_10-13-29 PM

She gets the drinks in while trying to compose her words in her head, taking a deep breath before she begins. “Ahh I..I’m sorry Jonathan, I wanted to speak to you but I was embarrassed about the full situation, I shouldn’t of put my burden on you.. That was selfish of me..Sorry” she says with genuine sadness in her eyes at the thought of messing up her chances with one of the good things going for her in life.

02-22-20_10-17-15 PM

“Kallie, you don’t have to apologise to me hun..I know your going through it at the minute and trying to get on your feet with finding a place of your own, well I just wanted to give you a few days chill…But…I’ve been working hard these past few days to help you… and I…err…Lets go sit over there in private and chat sweety” Jonathan says leading her over to the sofa in the corner.

02-22-20_10-18-09 PM

Kallie sits with him and shuffles in close.. “I thought you I had put you off and screwed it up Jonathan, and I know you payed Jeff off or something to keep him off my back, didn’t you?” she asks..

02-22-20_10-18-47 PM

Jonathan leans in closer to her and smiles into her eyes “I sorted Jeff, yeah and…as I said I’ve been working hard to help you and show you how much you mean to me Kallie, Thats why I’ve….I hope you dont mind but… I’ve found a private place in Brindleton bay to rent for you..for us… It’s nothing special but its private and the rent is cheap, I will help with it obviously..”

Kallie can’t believe the words coming from his mouth, she thought he was all talk and not bothered about her feelings like everybody else, but he was secretly trying his best to help her.

02-22-20_10-19-01 PM

She squealed “Wait what? No you haven’t? Like I didn’t think you cared about me that much Jonathan.. It truly means so much!! Thank you, but are you sure, are you ready for this?” she asks before he stops her by kissing her on the lips

“I’m ready, we only live once right..why not? now I think we will make a good team, we might be starting from the bottom, but we will get to the top baby, in our time.” he says to her with confidence.

02-22-20_10-11-16 PM

Kallie feels elated that she is finally getting out of Jeff’s hell hole but scared at the same time, she doesn’t truly know Jonathan and he doesn’t know her, but this is her chance to escape and start again in her own place..If it doesn’t work out at least she tried, but one thing was on her mind..and she wouldn’t make her decision until she knew the answer.

02-22-20_10-11-41 PM

“Are dogs allowed? because if not, the answer is NO!” she asks waiting intently for his answer..

“Yes dogs and cats are allowed, its your place sweety, have as many dogs as you like…Now lets go get your things… and Cooper of course.” They both giggle and have a little snuggle on the way to Jeff’s place to collect her things and say goodbyes.



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