Starting from the bottom (part 12)

Kallie had to speak to Aurora before she packed up her things to leave in the morning, she wasn’t bothered about Jeff, she would be happy if she never set eyes on him again.

She finds her Aurora sitting at the table so she sits down with her, “Aurora I have something to tell you..” Aurora rubs her chin and looks at Kallie… “What is it, don’t keep me hanging gawd”

“I’m moving out, Jonathan has found a cheap place and he asked me to move in with him” she says proudly smiling. Aurora sighs…”Bu..but don’t you think it’s too soon?! I’ll miss are leaving me with…him…ugh”

Kallie hugs her and laughs “You can handle him, I can’t he’s different with me I need out, yeah it’s soon but anything is better than being under Jeff’s roof, I’ll speak to you soon got to go..” She gets up to grab her stuff when Jeff walks in, she was hoping to avoid him but that didn’t happen.

03-03-20_9-23-28 PM

“Slacking with housework bitch, whats with all these bags? get them cleaned up or you’ll be out with the bags” Jeff comes at her as usual with his demands, little does he know can’t threaten her no more, and wont be having a hold over her, she shoves him hard filled with rage.

03-03-20_9-23-19 PM

“This is the last time you’ll bully me Jeff!! Your lucky I am walking away instead of killing you fucker” Kallie screams in his face trying to kerb her anger but failing she’s waited so long to tell him exactly what she thinks of him..This is her chance.

Jeff gets in her face “Where you going back to the park bench? the only place you’ll truly belong bitch” 03-03-20_9-22-54 PM

Kallie shoves him again “I don’t need to tell you shit Jeff, no more.. Good luck finding your next mug to put up with your abuse! Your the biggest looser I’ve ever known getting kicks out of bullying women, well you wont be bullying me no more and hopefully no one else by the time I’m finished with you…” She fumes to him, not giving him a chance to reply before she grabs her bags and Cooper and leaves, taking the door off its hinges behind her.

Jonathan is waiting outside for her, she puts her things and Cooper into the car and they head out to their new home….

As they pull up outside Jonathan tells her to close her eyes, he walks her up the path and says excitedly..”Open them…Welcome to our new home Kallie”

03-03-20_9-45-08 PM

Kallie squeals in delight as she looks on at her new home “Ahhh I’m so happy Jonathan, is it really ours?” she asks with tears of joy in her eyes, Jonathan smiles taking her hand and squeezing it a little as they walk up the path “Yup it’s ours beautiful, hope you like it..we’ve not seen the inside yet heh”

03-03-20_9-49-16 PM

As they get inside Kallie runs around the small home checking it out, she’s so excited and ready for this fresh start, still overwhelmed she hugs Jonathan tight.. “I Just love it Jonathan, its perfect and even more perfect that we are starting this journey together…Lets hope we can live with each other huh hah!”

03-03-20_9-48-29 PM

Jonathan kisses her and whispers.. “I can’t wait to see where this goes baby, I’m so happy you said yes, now I have you all to myself muhaha” he laughs squeezing her tight.

After they get settled and unpacked Jonathan cooks dinner while Kallie takes Cooper out for a short walk so she can explore her new surroundings.

She is in awe of what is on her doorstep, she loves the outside and is surrounded by lushness, the harbour was busy with fishing boats and yachts on the still blue water. Birds were tweeting and she could hear the hussle and bussle of the fish market close by too, she chatted away to Cooper throughout the walk as she took in the new sights.  “I think we are going to like it here boy…Yes I think we will”

03-03-20_10-01-31 PM

Kallie gets home and Jonathan has dinner on the table for her, and fresh food for Cooper’s return too. “This is delicious babes, Thank you” she says as she slurps the noodles up. “Well It should be considering I’m training to be a chef heh glad you approve beautiful” he replies with a wink.

After dinner they get showered and settled for their first night together in their new home.

03-03-20_10-04-35 PMKallie eyes Jonathan up as he leaves the bathroom, it’s the first time she’s seen him without a top, she cant help but smirk at him as he walks in.

He sits beside her and pulls her in for snuggles, tickling her when she gets close, “Ahh stop!! Naaah I hate being tickled” Kallie squirms giggling with him.

Jonathan stops tickling her and strokes over her face and arm looking into her eyes he says “Eeek Kallie our first night together..What you thinking? It’s gone good so far don’t you think?”

03-03-20_10-06-55 PM

“I’ve never been happier Jonathan, and that’s down to you…I’ll be forever thankful” she says before kissing him “Now I hope you don’t snore haha”

Jonathan holds her and laughs. “Even if I did, hopefully you wont hear me tonight, I’m going to stay on the couch.. I don’t expect you to share the bed with me yet..I don’t want to scare you off by rushing things again, this is your place and we do things at your pace”

Kallie is a little disappointed but doesn’t want to seem too keen, she smiles and kisses him goodnight.. “You don’t have to you know…I’m not a prude” she says with a soft sigh…”I do…I’ll see you in the morning beautiful” he says kissing her cheek.

03-03-20_10-10-39 PMShe blows him a kiss on her way to bed and he gets settled on the couch with Cooper.


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