Escape to Sulani (part 4)

After a few weeks, Shari was on a mission to find out the cause of the different algae that had accumulated on parts of the island, it was attracting vermin and seagulls which had become a nuisance to the Islanders.

Sailing the seas and taking samples and surveys of the effected areas, she was close to a breakthrough, but not quite there yet. On her journey she came across a cave that she just had to explore, whilst inside she found something very unusual among the bats and crystals that were glistering inside against the moss and growth. Shari took samples and swiftly left the cave as the active volcano rumbled close by.

When she got home she called on Makoa for guidance with her work and to discuss her findings so far.

“Makoa I need your help, I was exploring the cave in Mua Pel’am and errr found something very strange, I don’t really want to talk over the phone..can you come over?” Sure enough Makoa arrived at her door a few minutes later. “Wha be da problem Shari, what did yah find in da cave dat be so secretive yah couldn’t tell meh on da fone” Makoa says as she looks on worried….

“Makoa I found something, a preserved fish looking scale, and a very unsual leaf, I’ve analized it and there’s no fish that resembles this specific scale pattern or size, but…It resembles a pattern once recorded many hundreds of years ago…of… mermaid scale pattern!! A MERMAID MAKOA!!! Could the old tales be true? That there might be mermaids here in Sulani? Are you a mermaid Makoa?!” Shrari gasps to him excited at her find.

Makoa looks shocked and quite annoyed at her questions he shuts her down, “Don’ be silly gal da be no mermaids on Sulani, dat be an old folk tale, gimmie da samples yah took and ah can take a look for da mornin’ at work, work be ovah todah’ miss Shari… Da be a celebration going down on da island tonight and yah comin’ wit me”

“Wait, whaat…Makoa maaan” Shari grunts as he drags her out the door and over to where the celebrations are going on, they hit the Kava and dance and sing with the islanders celebrating the good changes happening in Sulani.

Flowers and coral blooming, clear beaches, butterfly’s and birds singing…The island was thriving, and of course Shari was proudly a big part of that..

As the night come to an end Makoa and Shari had a little giggle at the Islanders still out sunbathing in the dark of night. “Yah fancy a sunbathe gal, yah be a bit overdressed fo dat, but luckin’ good al da samee” Makoa whispers into her ear, his hand placed firmly on her hip. Shari laughs and moves his hand as it strokes passed her tummy giving her a shiver..

“I think you have had too much Kava Makoa, I’ve got to go, we have work in the morning don’t be late, there is research to do” Shari quickly removes herself from the situation, she felt uneasy with his touch and wondered if he was just drunk or if he was actually trying to flirt with her…which would be strange, especially since he has a wife and kids at home, and they were practically best friends…she puts it down to, too much Kava…

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