Starting from the bottom (part 13)

Kallie arose to Cooper fast asleep on the couch, “Wake up my boy” she sings to him, feeling like a new woman after waking up to a peaceful home and no aggro.

03-03-20_10-16-44 PM

She cant resist morning cuddles from him..

03-03-20_10-17-06 PM

“Did you sleep good boy?” she asks as she pampers him, ruffling his ears and stroking his head she looks over to Jonathan who’s cooking breakfast.

03-03-20_10-18-58 PM

“Morning beautiful, hope you slept well…Breakfast will be done soon” Jonathan beams over to her, Kallie tries to act cool, even though she is melting inside at how sweet he is, she can’t believe her luck right now.

03-03-20_10-19-35 PM

“Heh yeah I did but I was a bit cold.. Although I’ve no doubts..I probably slept better than you on that couch babe” she laughs, taking a seat to wait for breakfast. Jonathan giggles and gives her a wink, “I’ll be keeping you warm soon enough, heh anyway Cooper kept me warm all night” They both laugh and joke over breakfast about how Jonathan was going to pinch Cooper right from under Kallie’s nose, if he carries on sharing the couch with him.

03-03-20_10-12-50 PM

Cooper looks on oblivious to their jokes as Kallie and Jonathan take the conversation to the couch “aaah you better not corrupt him when I’m at work drinking with him..No snuggles without me etc” she smirks

“Hmm who’s to say we’ll be here when your back, I might just run away with him hah! Naaah not without you sweety, I got you now..I’m not letting you go” Jonathan says with a loving smile.. Kallie strokes his face and whispers…”Who said I’m yours? huh” before planting a soft kiss on his cheek, leaving him hanging… She gets up to get sorted for work chuckling on her way.

03-03-20_10-23-57 PM

Kallie leaves for work she spent no time changing jobs, she was scouted out while out busking and has been took on as a entertainer. She’s not totally comfortable with the public attraction that has come with it though…she prefers a quiet life, as much as she loves her music, but…. Music wont sell with her sitting on her butt at home. She has to go out there and spread the word..dropping off samples of her music and doing the local clubs and pubs to obtain a following. So off she went to earn her keep.

She got home late from work, no Jonathan but Cooper was there so not too worry, he hasn’t ran off with the dog, he must still be at the restaurant she thought to herself.

03-03-20_10-31-25 PM

Kallie called Aurora to see if she wanted to come along to the gig with her tonight, she wasn’t sure if Jonathan would make it and she was quite anxious about going to the city alone, plus she wanted to ensure her and Aurora stayed friends, she was her only friend other than Jonathan as it stood and she didn’t want to loose her.

Aurora arrived and threw her arms around Kallie, “I’ve missed you gal, we gigging and jigging tonight eh? Where’s Jonathan…and how’s it going..Hope hes treating you right”

03-03-20_10-34-16 PM

“Ahh he must be working late, he said he would be back before we head off, so shouldn’t be long, let me tell you Aurora… he’s fantastic!! Things are going good, but we are taking it slow, just taking each day as it know?” Kallie says smiling wide as she thinks of him.

Aurora scrunches her face confused…”Taking it slow, you mean you still haven’t…you know…? What is wrong with you gal?”

03-03-20_10-34-51 PM

Kallie blushes and rolls her eyes as she’s about to explain, when Jonathan walks in.. “We ready to hit the city lights baby? Ohh hi Aurora, I didn’t know you were coming…Kallie you never said?!” Jonathan says looking disappointed that Aurora is tagging along..

“Yes of course I’m coming! I’m her friend just as much as you Jonathan, gawd does she have to tell you everything?!” Aurora snaps at him, as Kallie looks on feeling embarrassed at the two clashing, so she quickly defuses the situation..”Let’s go..I want you both there, I need all the support I can get”

02-26-20_11-15-22 AM

They arrive at the club and Kallie sets up, Jonathan and Aurora are near by for support, not that she needs it, she’s till annoyed at them both for earlier but she’s not going to let it get in the way of her performance.

02-26-20_11-16-28 AM

As always she had the crowd in the palms of her hands as she played her sweet music. Winding down to her last song… she heard a familiar voice shouting her over to the bar, it was Jeff…”Kallieee I got you a drink…” She sighed when she seen him, but there was a glass of wine with her name on it and she was parched.

Jonathan followed her like a love sick puppy to the bar and Aurora wasn’t far behind…”Can you not let her have a drink in peace” Aurora snaps to Jonathan, while Jeff listens in looking smug.

02-26-20_11-19-47 AM

Jonathan grunts “Look I.. I din’t mean to push you out Aurora, It’s just I had something planned for her, but it can wait”

Aurora shrugs her shoulders as she sits down with Kallie and Jeff,she mutters.. “Well, If I was you, I would hurry up with whatever dumb plan you have, some girls get sick of waiting…girls got needs”

Jonathan awkwardly reply’s “Things have to be perfect and special, but as it turns out tonight wasn’t the night..” Aurora laughs at him and sits down with Jeff muttering…”Oh bore off Jonathan, you were right about this guy..what a drip” they both snigger at him, looking amused at him groveling.

02-26-20_11-19-24 AM

Jonathan brushes it off and grabs Kallie’s hand, “I’m sorry about earlier beautiful…she just doesn’t seem to like me” He says looking towards Aurora.. “I’m off home anyway, are you coming?” he asks stroking her hand.

Kallie nods, “Lets go, Cooper needs walked…and I need sleep” she says waving goodbye to Aurora, who rolls her eyes, annoyed that she has ditched her for Jonathan as soon as he snapped his fingers… “See yah Kallie” she snarls…

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