Starting from the bottom (part 14)

Kallie went home after the fiasco in the club, she wasn’t feeling too good and just wanted to sleep after walking Cooper she was tired…  Leaving Jonathan on the sofa, she went to bed, little did she know she was going to be up all night with stomach cramps and sickness, having to pass Jonathan to the bathroom with each bout of sickness…Not very glamorous.

The next day, she dragged herself up and joined Jonathan, who had a cold glass of orange waiting for her and a smile of course. “Are you ok sweety? I heard you up through the night…”

Kallie sighed..”I feel a bit better this morning but gawd I felt like death through the night..Don’t know what it was, I didn’t drink much after the gig..I only had the one”

Jonathan shrugged “Dunno hun, might of been something you ate…Anyway can I just say, I’m sorry about last night with Aurora, I know she’s your friend but..She’s a…B…Never mind, I’m sorry baby, I’ll make it up to you when I get home from work”

She squeezed his hand before he left for work “Don’t worry hun, today is a new day…Have a good shift, I’ll see you tonight.” Jonathan smiled before heading out to work, he blew her a kiss at the door “See you tonight beautiful, enjoy your day off”

Kallie had a rare day off today, so her plan was to spend the day with her boy Copper, after giving him morning snuggles and smooches she waked him to the park and they had a play.

She didn’t notice Aurora sitting playing chess, but Aurora noticed her, as did many others it seemed, whispering and staring at her.

“Oh hi Kallie, no leech today?” she laughed maliciously, Kallie huffed and scrawled her face up. “Stop being mean Aurora, what’s he done so bad to you?” Aurora waved her hand angrily towards Kallie, “He’s took my best friend away from me, and wants you all to himself, thats what!”

Kallie sighs shaking her head.. “Don’t be silly Aurora, he’s not like that, he’s a nice guy who wants the best for me, why can’t you see it!” Aurora tuts and rolls her eyes “If you say so Kallie, I’ve heard different” She grunts to her before storming off.

As Aurora storms off a redheaded stranger approaches Kallie… “Excuse me miss, but is it Kallie?”

Kallie nods slowly “Errr yes, who are you please?” she asks wondering how she knows her name feeling a bit creeped out as she hadn’t seen the girl before. “Ahh I am a huugeee fan, I’ve been following your music journey and have been to every gig!” the girl says excitedly.

Kallie smiles to her,”Oh really, how nice of you! You should of said hello sooner hun, I don’t have many fans, I appreciate your interest in my music, so thank you”

The girl laughs “You don’t have many fans? Oh you do hun…you have your very own fanclub online, with a big following!! It would be great if I could get a selfie with you to post there?”

“Of course you can hun, you’ll have to show me this ‘fan club’ though” she laughs as she takes a selfie with the girl..”Say Cheeseeee haha” after the photo, the girl asked if she could stay friends with Kallie and have her number to keep up to date with gigs etc, but Kallie wasn’t keen she explained that, she wasn’t comfortable giving out her phone number and that she doesn’t really go on social media much, as it gives her anxiety but she would add her on there anyway.

So she took her name which was – Jenny Spindle, and went onto her social media to add her, when she noticed she had hundreds of new friend request “WTF” she said shocked,  Jenny laughed at Kallie’s shocked face…”Those are all your fans, Kallie hah, just search your name into Simoodle and you’ll see”

Kallie laughed nervously before making an exit, “Pooooh I don’t have time for that girl” She wasn’t internet savvy, more of a lurker when she did go on.. Social media was bad for her, she wasn’t ready to delve into that or Simoodle just yet.

03-03-20_11-35-56 PM

She went home and had to have a snooze, she was drained from the antics and drama in the park that day..Arguing with Aurora, finding out she had fans and a fanclub..She couldn’t deal with it, her brain felt like it was about to explode, so she went to sleep for a few hours to kerb her anxiety, the only way she knew how.

Until Jonathan come in from work and shouted her up from the living room, she prised herself out of bed a bit pissed off that he had woken her up from a snooze, and went to see what was so important he had to wake her up.

03-04-20_8-39-48 PM

She walked in, to Jonathan standing there with a big grin on his face and a huge bunch of flowers and a card for her which read….

03-04-20_8-40-41 PM

‘Will you be my girlfriend?’ Kallie rubbed her eyes still sleepy she had to read the card again, she looked at Jonathan and opened her arms… giggling nervously but excited..“Yes yes, yes I will be your girlfriend..I’d love to be your girlfriend, now are you sure, I know you wanted to take things slow…”

03-04-20_8-40-28 PM

Jonathan pulls her closer, looking into her eyes he whispers..”I’ve never been surer about anything in my life.. I had planned to ask you yesterday, but that kinda went sour when we ended up with a third wheel hah..”

03-04-20_8-40-24 PM

Kallie plants the lips straight on him, kissing him deeply..She wraps her body around him, swirling her tongue with his..her body craving him as he is hers, she can feel him harden against her… as their hands explore each other softly.

The sexual tension in the air is rife…

03-04-20_8-40-54 PM

Kallie pulls away from him, her face all flustered and red she whispers cheekily…”.Lets continue this in the bedroom ay?….You’ve earned your place in the bed, I think..Heh”

03-04-20_8-40-59 PM

They both practically run to the bedroom, both feeling excited and ready for that next step in their relationship.

4 thoughts on “Starting from the bottom (part 14)

  1. Aw…. this chapter ended so sweetly! I hope I manage to post this. My internet has been wonky all day. I identify with Kallie. Not much of a social media person. Rather go out and have a 1 on 1 coffee date sorta person.

    Liked by 1 person

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