Starting from the bottom (part 15)

A few weeks had passed and things where going great for Kallie, her music career was taking off big, she couldn’t even walk the dog without being stopped for selfies and autographs from her growing number of fans. Jonthan was of course her biggest and he would support her at every opportunity, proudly bragging to anyone who would listen about his beautiful girl Kallie.

He made it known she was his girl, laying on the public displays of affection when guys got close..He pulled her from the stage after one gig and kissed her in front of every body, Kallie blushed a little embarrassed, but she does appreciates his love and affection.

They were becoming best friends as well as partners, spending every second together when they could. Sharing chores and responsibilities within the house, things felt real good for Kallie right now.

After working out together that morning, Jonathan wasted no time in getting the pancakes on the go before work, while Kallie snuggles Cooper.. He serves up the pancakes sitting down to chat. “Ahh wish I was off with you today baby, I’m going to miss you…What’s your plans without me heh?” he sighs…

Kallie shrugs her shoulders “Nothing much, chills with Coop…Making the most of my day off, doing nothing hah! But I will miss you too sweety, It’s only a few hours though…You’ll be home in no time, I’ll make something nice for dinner for you getting home”

By something nice she was referring to herself, she had planned to surprise him, dressing up in sexy nightwear and stockings ready to pounce the second he walked through the door from work… And that’s what she did, standing with her hand on her hip as he walks through the door tired and tense from work.

Jonathan is shocked and excited when he see’s her, he cant believe his eyes or his luck right now and wastes no time in getting his hands on her…She leads him to the bedroom with a wink and they make passionate love.

The next day, Kallie got the breakfast on, as she was stood cooking, she come over all queasy and light headed she ran to the bathroom to hurl…As she was sick a frightening thought come over her..She forgot to take her contraceptive pill last night, in the heat of the passionate moment..What if…What if…She was pregnant…She wasn’t ready, it freaked her out, which made her even worse as she was violently sick..Causing Jonathan to run in to check on her..

“Kallie are you ok sweety? that doesn’t sound good, want some water?” he says rubbing her back as she hurls…”Ughh I don’t feel good Jonathan..I hope I’m not…Aghh” She is sick again at the thought. Jonathan rubs her back oblivious to whats on her mind… “You’ll be ok sweety, I’m here for you…” After wiping the sick from her mouth she tries to compose herself while freaking out.

Kallie brushes him off and gets Cooper on the lead…”I need to nip out….We need..err..Milk” She says rushing out with Cooper..

She wanted to scream as she left the house, full of worry and anxiety about her potential future..She headed straight to the doctors to drop a sample off, just for peace of mind more than anything…The doctor was going to ring her with the results…As she waited she pulled out her guitar and started to play….the rain come down but it didn’t stop her..

Until her phone rang…It was the doctor…


Sorry I’ts took a little longer than usual, with this corona epidemic, I’ve had other things on my mind with work etc…And with my own anxiety, I’ve not been able to consentrate on writing… So if its crap I do apologise....

Keep safe peeps!

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