Starting from the bottom (part 16)

The doctor told Kallie the results of her sample which turned out to be positive..She was pregnant…A huge sense of worry hit her as she walked home to tell Jonathan the news, not knowing how he would react or how he would feel about it had her anxious, she didn’t know how she felt about it herself…the only feeling she had right now was fear.

Kallie walked in holding her tummy as a feeling of nausea come over her, she took a deep breath and just shouted it out to Jonathan…”I’m pregnant Jonathan, I’m pregnant, and I’m not ready to be..I’m scared, sorry”

Jonathan stood silent for a few minutes as he took in what she was saying…”You’re what? Pregnant really?! Aww I’m so happy baby, it’s what I’ve always wanted to settle down with the one I love…You, and have a family!”

Kallie put her head in her hands and started to cry “I..I’m not ready to have kids, I’m scared and wish I wasn’t so stupid to not take my pill..I..I don’t want this..I never wanted this..I’m terrified I’ll turn out like my mother…What hope has a child got if I do!”

Jonathan stopped her, grabbing her by the hands..”Kallie, stop..Calm down…We got this, we can do this, why can’t we? stop letting your passed experiences define new ones. You are your own person, not your mother.. You are loving and so caring I know you will be the best mother to our child.”

Kallie couldn’t help but smile at his loving and reassuring words, although she was still feeling uneasy about the full thing.

Lots of thoughts running through her mind.. Her life changing dramatically, her career could potentially be over. The thought of something growing inside of her freaked her out, and the worry that was going to come with it, it was far easier for Jonathan to say everything would be ok, than it was for Kallie to accept it, but she did.

The months flew in, Kallie was glowing from her pregnancy, Jonathan was even more besotted with her and always tried to make her feel good about herself, in fact he found her even more sexy as her body changed almost daily..He enjoyed her new found curves, and more voluminous breast.

Kallie wasn’t feeling it… She was feeling ugly and fat, along with sickness every day.. and generally feeling like shit, this pregnancy felt like a drag, but she tried to keep up her spirits and carry on as normal..Although it was still very daunting to her.

She was still working for now, nothing would get in the way of her love for music..Pregnant or not, she carried on..Jonathan wasn’t too happy about it, he was very protective over her, but how could he stop her doing what she loved…

It was her escape, her time to forget her worry’s and do what she does best…Entertain. So that’s what she did, her fans still supported her in whatever she did, she was even getting to grips with the social media and had a huge following there too, but with that come extra pressure and sometimes hate, but that was all part in parcel with the job..

What she wasn’t prepared for was, old faces making an appearance from out the closet…

It was her mother, standing judging her from the back of the club, glaring right through her it made her sick to the stomach, she ran outside for air and her mother followed. Kallie retched almost sick as all the feelings of dread and doom flooded back she raged…”I’ve got nothing to say to you Erica, go just go!!” She shouted at her using her name, in Kallie’s eyes she didn’t deserve the title of mother.

Erica cackled moking her reaction “Oh Kallie, I see you’ve got quite the name for yourself, quite frankly I’m sick of hearing about you, but your father has been made aware of your situation…He want’s to see you, his health is not good and he..We want to make amends for the sake of our grandchild…Before it’s too late”

Kallie was filled with rage at the bare faced cheek of her so called mother, the mother who emotionally and physically abused her most of her life with her strict rules and regulations…While her father did nothing, but try and make it up to her when Erica wasn’t around, he was also scared of her, but Kallie didn’t see that..She felt let down and abandoned by him..

03-07-20_10-03-41 PM

She wasn’t ready for this, and certainly didn’t want them back in her life, she stood her ground, standing over her mother for the first time in her life she yelled at her..”I don’t care what you’ve got to say, over my dead body will you ever be a apart of my childs life, he or she will be nothing to you as I am! Now go before I get you arrested for harassment! SECURITY?!!”

Erica huffed and scurried off shouting “Don’t think I’m leaving this Kallie! Your father needs you!” Kallie tried to hold back the tears, rushing home to seek comfort in Jonathan.


Tears of rage turned to tears of love as he comforted her without question…03-07-20_10-12-34 PMThe feeling she had been missing come to her finally…as she cradled her growing bump.

The almighty feeling of love for her unborn child rushed through her, the need to protect and love her child no matter what was her priority now and always…And the love off Jonathan would get her through any mountain they would ever have to climb. They would get through it together as a family.


2 thoughts on “Starting from the bottom (part 16)

  1. Im so glad Jonathan is such a rock for her. Erica’s so nasty. Who says that to their daughter after months/years of not seeing each other? Kallie was living on the streets! Can’t stand these people worming their way into her life just because she’s successful and has a child. Clearly doing so for self-interest too. Kallie we support you if you wanna have them back bt its up to you! Hopefully they’ve changed though Erica is looking pretty hopeless in this chapter.

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