Starting from the bottom (part 8)

02-21-20_2-21-28 PM

Jonathan stands looking like a dog with his tail between his legs, before she even gets out the door he says ” Kallie I’m sorry I had to run earlier, I received a phone call that my mum was in hospital so had to run, turns out it was a prank call Kallie! How could anyone be so sick?”

02-21-20_2-21-34 PM

Kallie thought of one person who could be that sick and deprived..Jeff come to mind but she didn’t say anything..”Oh well, these things happen” She shrugged “so err what do you want? I cant stand and chat I need to clean and have a shower, before it gets hogged, come in if you want, your friend Jeff just made food.” Kallie says to him, opening the door and letting him enter, not giving him the chance to reply she goes to her room to grab supplies for her shower and walks past him to the bathroom as he stands chatting to Jeff.

02-22-20_9-37-00 PM

Jumping in the shower to refresh, she wonders what Jonathan and Jeff are chatting about, and  if to believe Jonathan’s story about his supposed prank call. He has no reason to lie if he didn’t like me, he would of just left it and not bothered to explain..or maybe he’s conspiring with Jeff, or something…ahh pull yourself together Kallie!! she thinks to herself… getting washed, and changed into a new dress, making herself look nice, she even puts a little make up on, in hopes Jonathan would notice her as she walks past him to Auroras room.02-22-20_11-09-13 AM

Kallie shakes her thang walking past the boys, she see’s their eyes watching her and she cant help to smirk as she walks past them. She checks herself out in the mirror and no sooner does she turn around to chat to Aurora the boys are in..

02-22-20_10-26-12 AM

Jeff sits on the bed and looks over to Kallie as Jonathan approaches her “Wow looking hot girl” He says as he looks over her up and down. “Thanks, it’s new, I got it in the sales..” she says awkwardly, totally forgetting about earlier at the first hint of a compliment from him, she is smitten the butterfly’s are back.

02-22-20_10-26-19 AM

“Kallie, its not the dress that makes you so beautiful, its you that makes the dress look good, please forgive me for earlier, I want to make it up to you..Let me take you for late dinner” he says going in for her hand he leads her to the bed to sit with him.

02-22-20_10-27-04 AM

“B..but..I’ve already ate” Kallie tries to get out of it thinking up an excuse, she wants to go but her warped mind is full of doubts and she is finding it hard to trust him.. Jonathan stops her, “No, buts..Dinner tonight, let me go home and change then i’ll pick you up” he says to her planting a soft kiss on her cheek. Kallie holds her cheek and blushes catching Jonathan’s eye..and giggles “Uh ok then…it’s a date..uh did I say date..dinner it is.” They both laugh together.

02-22-20_10-27-41 AM

Forgetting all about Jeff sitting watching and listening at the other side of the room until he hollas over “Aww you kissed and made up, how cute! Dinner tonight sounds awesome, what time we going, do you fancy it Aurora?”

02-22-20_10-27-31 AM

Aurora stops playing for a second and gently lets him down.. “Urm thanks but no thanks, I have to stay in and wash my hair” she quickly replies. He smiles creepily and replies “House to our self then..heh”

Jonathan stands up shaking his head. “you are not invited mate hah, just us two tonight, you’ll have to make do with your own company by the sounds of it” he laughs making fun of him. Jeff doesn’t find it funny one bit and his face changes, like it does when he is talking down to Kallie, she looked on nervously waiting for an insult from his direction.. as he looks directly at her with his evil gaze but he gets up pretending to laugh and walks out muttering under his breath.

02-22-20_10-25-25 AM

Kallie is feeling relived when Jeff leaves the room she lets out a big sigh and nervously plays with her phone, checking herself out in the camera..Jonathan pulls her in “Dont worry about him, hes all mouth I told you..” He looked into her phone and seen her beautiful face looking back at him, so he giggles.. “selfie for the socials?”

02-22-20_10-25-50 AM

She laughs and agrees, They take a selfie and he grabs her phone to posts it to her social media with the caption..”Late dinner and drinks with this one tonight” tagging himself in it. Kallie just laughs…flattered by his attention.

02-22-20_10-21-56 AM

“Come on, stop messing..I dunno why you need to get changed look fine..” she says to him, shooing him home to get sorted..Time was ticking, the restaurant would be closed and another date ruined if he didn’t hurry up.

He smiles at her and goes to leave.. “Fresh start, fresh me” Jonathan laughs smugly.. ” I wont be long gorgeous”





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